Specialty Programs

Book Club

*May require the purchase of a book

Scientists, teachers, and parents agree: reading is one of the best ways to boost your intelligence and set you up for success in school. If your student loves to read, or you think they need to read more, this book club is the perfect opportunity. The books on our booklist are approved by English and reading teachers with numerous years of experience teaching to kids of all ages and comprehension levels. 

Book Club is meant to foster a student's love for reading and improve their overall comprehension ability. During the book club, students will have engaging discussions that make them think about the literature in a different way while also opening their minds to the thoughts and analysis of their peers. To make it simple, book club is for readers and non-readers to explore pieces of literature that will excite, teach, and encapture the imagination. 

Mad Science

*May require the purchase of supplies. 

BOOM! Let's do some science! Take your student's love for science to a new level by pushing them to problem solve, create, and explore numerous scientific fields. Mad science explores the basic concepts of chemistry,  engineering, physics, and more! All experiments will be safe and will not require any special equipment or materials. Basic cooking ingredients and everyday household items will be transformed into awesome educational experiments.


Contact us today to let your student's scientific passion and creativity be let loose in a safe environment! 

Art Adventures

*May require the purchase of some art supplies

Some people prefer the finer things in life like fine grape juice and beautiful hand-drawn paintings by their students. In art adventure, we too appreciate the finer things in life. Enjoy instructive and creative art lessons that allow students to express their creativity and love for all things art. 

In art adventure, students explore many different art forms using only basic art supplies and their own imagination. Expect your student to create drawings, paintings, and sculptures that demonstrate their technical and creative skills.