Black History Month and Education

For more than 50 years, Black History Month has been a great opportunity for people to think about the achievements of African-Americans in the United States. Through the whole month of February, we are given time to reflect and celebrate the achievements of a variety of black people who worked hard to leave a lasting legacy on our world. More importantly, we look to appreciate African Americans in the United States and appreciate the unique trials that they face on a daily basis. One great way of doing this is by reflecting on the achievements of prominent African Americans over the years and the unique ways that they impacted our world.

One specific African American that is commonly celebrated is George Washington Carver. George Washington Carver is specifically known for having invented multiple different tools and foods during his life. One specific challenge which he had endured while attempting to gain a scientific education as he was constantly turned down and scorned at different colleges. Despite this, he was able to quickly succeed as a scientist due to the sheer amount of hard work he put into his craft. He is most noted for being the inventor of numerous methods of growing potatoes and peanuts. Although he is mistakenly believed to have invented peanut butter as well, this is untrue however he is known for having developed more than 100 different methods of serving peanuts.

Another major character that is often celebrated and remembered during Black History Month is Frederick Douglass. Most often remembered for being a prominent abolitionist during the American Civil War, Frederick Douglass escaped slavery before the Civil War and fled north. While still a slave, he had to resort to learning how to read and write in secrecy. This was a common phenomenon for slaves as they were not given the opportunity to learn how to read and write in a proper environment. Despite the challenges he endured in his life, he still became one of the leading advocates for the abolishment of slavery in the United States. Post slavery, he is remembered for the manner in which he tried to establish equality in the United States.

More recently, the success of Amanda Gorman is a great example of the success that African Americans have had in the United States. Amanda Gorman is an American poet and activist who recently spoke during the inauguration of Joe Biden. She delivered a beautiful poem named “The Hill we Climb”, which spoke about the challenges that America has had to face in the last year along with the progress which has been and will be made in this country. Interestingly, the topics she discussed in her poem were directly related to the struggles that the men mentioned before went through as she spoke about the perseverance of individuals in achieving a goal. She was educated at Harvard University where she graduated Cum Laude in 2020 and has published books and poems since a young age. Despite coming from a humble upbringing while being raised by a single mother, Amanda Gorman was able to use her education to create a beautiful poem for the world to hear and she surely has a bright future to come.

Hopefully, we can all look to the success of these men and women in the face of adversity as a beacon of hope for ourselves. These individuals were able to overcome great odds in order to achieve what they wanted. This is something that many people today must do when trying to gain an education. Students every day have to go through so many hurdles to succeed just as these people were forced to themselves. Regardless if struggle comes through the form of online school, or a language barrier or any of the many things that can affect a student academically, perseverance will always prevail as was seen in the actions of these African Americans. We therefore can all look at their lives and the many other African Americans who achieved great things as an inspiration for educational success in America.

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