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Bigs Tutoring Program

Our Promise

Bigs Tutoring is committed to serving our community regardless of any family's race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status. We will try to offer quality educational services to all those who need it. However, our scholarship fund is limited, so get started today! 

Our Mission

Bigs Tutoring was created to provide virtual educational services to students in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Our mission continues to be providing quality educational services to students of all backgrounds and abilities. 


Our Culture

Bigs Tutors are hand-selected based on not only their exceptional ability to teach but also their kindness and passion for helping others. Bigs tutors provide a pressure-free environment for kids to learn and have fun while doing it! 


The Bigs Advantage

Bigs Tutoring was founded by a group of college students who saw a need for affordable tutoring in the wake of COVID-19. Bigs Tutors quickly became flexible with the new virtual learning environment which now allows us to help any student, regardless of their location or access to conventional resources. 


Most importantly, our tutors are able to create a pressure-free environment in which kids of all abilities are able to freely and eagerly learn by developing meaningful relationships with our tutors. Our tutors are all able to relate to the problems faced by many young students which allow tutors to use their own experience to offer academic advice and innovative solutions. 

Does your student need help with his current assignments or just wants to get ahead in a certain subject? We've got you covered! 


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